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Couple Chooses to Act with Love to Celebrate Wedding…and Act with Love Program Sees Its First 'Celebrate a Milestone' Fundraiser

Wendy Binstock and Eddie Rush of Chicago, Illinois
Wendy Binstock and Eddie Rush on their wedding day.

How do you Act with Love? This spring, Wendy Binstock and Eddie Rush of Chicago, Illinois, showed their dedication to creating a future without breast cancer by asking their wedding guests to donate to Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation in lieu of purchasing traditional gifts for them. Their generous act represents the first time someone has created a Celebrate a Milestone fundraiser for our organization.

Both Wendy – herself a physician – and Eddie have been personally touched by breast cancer. Wendy’s mother dealt with two different primary breast cancers: first, stage II receptor-positive breast cancer, and five years later, triple-negative disease. After her second diagnosis, she consulted Dr. Love, so the family knew of Dr. Love as a breast cancer expert. Wendy’s mother succumbed to the disease in 2002.

Then, in 2008, Wendy’s best friend was diagnosed and today is a survivor. For her son’s 2010 bar mitzvah, she requested that her guests sign up to receive email from Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. Wendy did so and learned more about the Foundation as the years passed.

Stage II receptor-positive breast cancer struck Wendy herself in 2013, while she was in the process of getting a genetic workup to assess her risk. Surgery, chemo, radiation, and reconstruction followed at the University of Chicago.

The year before Wendy and Eddie were married, Eddie’s mother was diagnosed with stage II receptor-positive breast cancer and underwent lumpectomy and radiation treatment at the age of 85.

“When my fiancé and I started planning our wedding,” said Wendy, “we both decided that we wanted no gifts, that what we wanted was a long life together. And it was advances in breast cancer treatment that allowed us to get to this day – significant advances, even in the past decade, since breast cancer took my mother’s life.”

They decided then to observe their wedding by setting up their Celebrate a Milestone fundraiser to support the Foundation and its work.

Wendy and Eddie were married on May 29, 2016, and thanks to their incredibly generous wedding guests, they raised nearly $7,000 to help fund much-needed research into ending breast cancer once and for all. And – more important than anything – Eddie and his mom were able to dance at the wedding!

“Breast cancer will always be in our history, and hopefully with continued breast cancer research, it will no longer be significant in our lives or the lives of our family,” Wendy said.

All of us at the Foundation are extremely grateful to this wonderful couple and wish them a lifetime of health and good wishes. This type of fundraiser allows our supporters near and far to honor and celebrate special occasions in their lives in a way that matters deeply to them and can make a difference for others.

Are you interested in creating your own milestone page? You can dedicate your birthday, survival anniversary, or wedding, for example, to raising funds for innovative breast cancer research. By creating a milestone page, you bring together a network of individuals across the country who are united in support of our work.

Ready to get started? Visit our Act with Love page and click Celebrate A Milestone. Then click “Become a Fundraiser” and get started on personalizing your campaign. Have a question? Email Jackie at or call (310) 828-0060.