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Decisions & Further Tests

These online tools and tumor tissue tests are designed to help women with invasive breast cancer understand and assess their treatment options. Learn more about your treatment options:


Adjuvant! was designed to help health professionals and patients with early breast cancer discuss the risks and benefits of chemotherapy or hormone therapy or both in the adjuvant (after surgery) setting. If you have questions about your risk for recurrence and benefits of certain treatments, you should ask your doctor to input information about your diagnosis into the Adjuvant! program and to discuss the results with you.

Cancer Profiler

Our Cancer Profiler can help you to understand your treatment options and possible side effects using personalized reports from evidence-based, peer-reviewed medical literature.

Oncotype DX Test

Oncotype DX is a clinically validated laboratory test, ordered by physicians, that predicts the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence in women with newly diagnosed, early stage invasive breast cancer. Oncotype DX also assesses the benefit from certain types of chemotherapy.

MammaPrint Prognostic Test

MammPrint is a test that uses microarray analysis to assess the activity of 70 genes to predict whether a patient is low or high risk of having the cancer metastasize.

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