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August 29, 2019
Invitations are in the mail for our first Philanthropist of the Year luncheon! The data is so stark about women’s philanthropic giving that what is...
August 28, 2019
When I was first training to become a surgeon in the 1970’s, it was widely understood that once breast cancer escaped the breast where it had started...
July 29, 2019
Visionary Surgeon Laura Esserman and Distinguished Author/Advocate Hollye Jacobs to be Recognized at Foundation’s Milestone Event  
July 26, 2019
There were very few female doctors when I trained to be a surgeon in Boston in the late 1970’s. I did, however, have several wonderful male role...
June 26, 2019
This recent paper in the British Medical Journal on breast cancer risk in transgender people receiving hormone treatment sparked my interest because...
May 24, 2019
  Did you see my social media posts on Facebook and Twitter showing my glee at receiving my very own Butterfly Ultrasound?
April 22, 2019
Spring is here and excitement is in the air at the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. We are announcing our new CEO. We are celebrating the 10th...
March 01, 2019
There is no better way to explain the origin of the Army of Women than this old Etta Hulme cartoon.