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November 14, 2017
End of year fundraiser to further innovative breast cancer research
October 26, 2017
Meet Doretha “Dee” Burrell. It was 10 years ago that Dee was diagnosed with breast cancer. An announcement that came as a bit of a surprise because...
October 02, 2017
October Campaign Reflects the Foundation’s Broader Efforts to Close the Diversity Gap in Breast Cancer Research   
September 21, 2017
1. Decide You Want to Make A Difference Want a future free from breast cancer? Nearly anything can help to support our cause!
September 21, 2017
September has brought a few changes to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.  Heather Cooper Ortner, who served as our CEO for more than 3 years,...
June 26, 2017
When I started out as a breast surgeon in the early 80’s, we thought that a diagnosis of breast cancer was an emergency. Time was of the essence, and...
June 14, 2017
Dear Friends, In Dr. Love’s blog this month, titled Discovery is Not a Straight Line, she outlines how the Foundation engages in research. We always...
June 14, 2017
Research is in our name and our DNA. At Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, we seek to discover why breast cancer starts in a woman or man’s breast...