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ImPatient Science™

The Science of Breast Cancer

In this series, we’ll cover the basics of breast cancer, including definitions of the stages and what you can expect to experience during treatment. We’ll also provide an overview of treatment and how to understand your pathology report.

Breast Cancer

A diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer can be frightening and confusing. In this series, you’ll learn about what to expect during treatment and some strategies for coping with collateral damage, the symptoms and side effects of the disease and its treatment.

Breast Cancer

Understanding which sub-type of breast cancer you have will help you understand your treatment options. In this series, we explore what a diagnosis of hormone positive, HER2+, triple negative, and DCIS/LCIS really means and how each is treated.

Understanding Immunology

Immunotherapies are new types of cancer treatments that give your body's immune system the ability to see and target cancer cells. In this series, you will learn about your immune system and immunotherapy.

The majority of women today are aware of breast cancer from a fairly young age, and there are countless resources available that provide basic information about the disease, risk factors, and screening; e.g., what to do if you have an abnormal mammogram, or ten things to ask your doctor about your diagnosis. At the other end of the information spectrum, patients and family members/caregivers can become lost and discouraged by the universe of complex scientific data available about breast cancer.

Impatient Science™, an education program of Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, fills the void between the basics and the science by translating complex concepts into digestible information related to frequently asked questions about the biology of breast cancers, the body’s defense systems, the pros and cons of treatment options, and promising new directions in research. An informed patient is an empowered patient who feels confident in being an active participant in her/his treatment plan and palliative care, and advocating for her/his preferences.

We invite you to learn about the science of breast cancer, what you or your loved one can expect from treatment, and helpful suggestions. Check back often because we are continuing to produce more videos on other topics including immunology and more detailed explanations of the different types of breast cancer and their treatments.

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