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Exercise and Breast Cancer Protection: What, Why and How?

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We all know exercise is fantastic for us physically and mentally. Exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight, strengthens bones and muscles, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, improves the ability to do daily activities and improves mental health and mood. Maybe surprising to some, is that exercise also reduces the risk of certain cancers, including breast cancer initiation and recurrence.

ImPatient Science

The majority of women today are aware of breast cancer from a fairly young age, and there are countless resources available that provide basic information about the disease, risk factors, and screening; e.g., what to do if you have an abnormal mammogram, or ten things to ask your doctor about your diagnosis. At the other end of the information spectrum, patients and family members/caregivers can become lost and discouraged by the universe of complex scientific data available about breast cancer.

Symptoms & Treatment

A woman can arrive at menopause in one of three ways: naturally, simply by living long enough; surgically, by having her ovaries removed; and chemically, through breast cancer treatments. Women who have had breast cancer may experience the same menopausal symptoms as any other woman. The difference is the options for dealing with these symptoms are dictated in part by a woman's history of breast cancer.