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Research Worth Watching

Research Worth Watching: New Treatments for Brain Metastases

Breast cancer becomes deadly when it metastasizes—spreads to other parts of the body. For decades, we’ve been focused on developing treatments that will keep early-stage breast cancer from recurring. Now, researchers are spending more time studying how and where cancer cells spreads, with the goal of developing treatments that may cure, or at least stabilize, metastatic breast cancer

Research Worth Watching - Precision Medicine and Collateral Damage

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is actively preparing for our Metastatic Breast Cancer Collateral Damage Project Two-Day Think Tank, which is taking place November 10-11. At the Think Tank, we will present the data we have collected on the collateral damage associated with metastatic breast cancer and its treatments. We will also discuss and develop recommendations that can be implemented within our current healthcare system to improve the lives of those living with metastatic disease.